Our School Day


The playground is open for the children to play before school. Parents are asked to wait outside, unless they need to speak to someone in school. We encourage the children to play together on the playground as a good start to the day. We also do this because up to half the children come to school by bus and we do not want any child to feel unhappy if they cannot be with their parents while others can.


School starts. Parents need to be aware that arrival after this time causes upset to their child as activities begin as soon as they enter their classrooms. The registers stay open until 9.10 after which children are marked as late.


Classes study either Literacy or Numeracy at this time


Collective Worship. This takes place each day and is an opportunity for the children and staff to spend a short time considering the bigger questions in life and focusing on the Value being studied that half term. Once a fortnight on a Wednesday this is held in Church and is led by the Vicar


Break time


Literacy or Numeracy.


Lunchtime-we have very good school dinners, which are free to all children in Reception class, year 1 and year 2. Older children need to pay, but children are most welcome to bring a healthy packed lunch if they prefer.


Afternoon lessons. Children will work on the wider curriculum areas. All except years 3, 4 and 5will have a break mid-afternoon

3.30 (3.25 for Reception)

End of the day when children are taken out of school by their teachers and can be collected from the school gate. The bus children are escorted to their buses by staff.